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4 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Having an unhealthy doggy at home can be very stressful because you end up spending lots of time looking for cures and treatments for your furry friend. Many treatments and medications are available, but most of the time these are not really effective. To make things worse, sometimes these medications usually have many side effects that can lead to change in mood in your pet. Sometimes what a dog needs is just a normal health routine to keep him safe and healthy. Read along to find out four things you can do in order to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Fresh Clean Water

The first thing a dog needs is fresh, clean water to stay healthy. They need enough water to maintain an adequate level of body fluids, and an imbalance at this level can cause serious illness. As long as your dog has access to fresh, clean water, he will drink enough that you will not have to monitor your dog's water intake.

Quality Dog Food

The food you choose for your dog is probably the most important decision you make for your dog's health. Food is where your dog draws all his nutrients to produce the energy needed to play, walk and love you, so do not skimp on quality. Check the ingredients… good quality food will contain meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. If the idea of ​​feeding your dogs with pesticides and chemicals feels wrong, opt for natural or organic dog foods. Many of them are made from human-grade ingredients and contain more antioxidants than commercial dog foods. Quality dog ​​food will save you money in the long run by reducing the number of veterinarian visits your dog will require, and the pain of seeing an unhealthy dog. Now you can even buy high quality natural dog food online and receive it right at home!

Physical And Mental Exercise

Like humans, dogs need exercise. The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on his breed, his energy level, his age, and his medical history. If your dog is healthy, at least, have him walk in a 20-minute walk twice a day. Remember to keep in mind that a tired dog is a good dog. Now, how do you know when your dog needs more exercise?

Signs that your dog needs more exercise

Heavy panting: This can be difficult to recognize because dogs tend to pant for many reasons, part of which is to cool off. They pant when they are nervous, when they are in pain or simply when they want to get their attention.

Slow behavior: If your dog seems strangely inactive consistently for a long time. Staggering or unsteady on his feet. This is unusual and should not be ignored. This may indicate that he is dizzy or disoriented. If this is the case, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Fever: your dog will have a temperature above normal of 101 degrees Fahrenheit if he is sick. Use a rectal thermometer to measure his temperature or, once again, take him to your veterinarian.

If your dog has health problems, consult your veterinarian for a suitable exercise program for your dog.

Show Affection and Provide Natural Pet Health Supplements

You do not have to be specially trained to know that something is wrong with your dog. If your dog does not act as usual or if you think something is wrong with him, chances are you're right. The longer you live with your dog, the better you will know it and what his “usual” habits are. To get started, check him weekly for hidden skin problems such as infestations (fleas), ear infections, etc. Check the stool regularly for visible signs of worms; diarrhea, irregularities, etc. For minor problems, there are now safe, non-invasive, natural remedies available for your cute friends. You can also avoid health problems by giving your dog his vitamins and other natural pet supplements.

How do you know your dog needs to go to the vet?

Sometimes you can tell your dog feels a little bit under the weather and just a little bit of attention is needed to get him up and running again. Then it can happen that your dog is seriously ill and needs to see the vet immediately. The problem is that it can often be difficult to tell the difference. So, how do you know if your dog needs to go to the vet? There are some signs that will help you guide you in the right direction.


One of the first things to look at is the appearance of your dog. You can tell a lot by just looking at your dog. A sick dog will be lean, will have little energy and will have a strange vibe about him. Your dog’s gums may be white, blue or yellow. He will look different from his usual self with much less energy. He will not be interested in the things he is usually interested in. If your dog does not look normal, then something serious is probably going on.

Is he showing any signs of sickness?

If your dog is really sick, you may notice symptoms and signs of illness. These may include pain, drooling, wheezing, or slow movements. Any changes in the bathroom or eating habits can also indicate a problem. Lying down and not moving are also signs that you must go immediately to the vet. You must keep track of the symptoms and their progression so you can provide them to the veterinarian during your visit. Any symptoms should be a clear signal to go to the vet. It is important for you to know what your dog looks like when he is healthy. This will help you to see if something is wrong. You should check your dog's gums, ask your veterinarian about his normal heart rate, observe his eating and bathing habits and, as a rule, simply know what is normal for your dog. Remember to keep an eye out for your furry friend and keep him healthy…

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