• David Truchalski

5 benefits of Human and Pets Interaction

The relationship between pets and humans is very complex and diverse. Animals have long shared a deep and meaningful connection to people, providing company as trusted friends to all.

The reasons why people have pets vary greatly. Some people just love animals for their unconditional love and some people need them as complement as they aid as service animals, comfort cats and therapy dogs. There are several benefits pets bring to people, especially cats and dogs. Generally, they provide emotional and physical benefits that help reduce the risk of serious illness in people. There are some studies that show people tend to live longer, with a better quality of life. A healthy interaction with a dog or cat is simply a good emotional therapy. We have compiled a list of great benefits attached to a human-pet relationship. Read on to know more.

Health benefits

The relationship with a pet dog helps to motivate the sick, the disabled and the elderly. Dogs trained to work with autistic children serve as bridges between the child and their world. Some retirement homes, hospitals and care facilities encourage visits by qualified pets. A wagging tail, a loving touch with the nose, will raise the spirit of almost everyone. Some dogs are trained to do household chores… they help people with carrying items for them and collecting them too. Dogs and cats are loyal, intelligent and their training ability makes them an ideal choice for companions and pet therapists.

Emotional stress and loneliness are factors among the major health problems that some people suffer from. Emotional stress and loneliness alter neurochemical and vascular functions in humans and these changes may increase susceptibility to serious illness. Since all these are related to mental disorders, that is, they deal with mental health; a healthy and consistent interaction with cats and dogs is simply a good emotional therapy to prevent or even in some cases cure that.

Furthermore, having pets around you can reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and provide you with a place for play and physical activity when playing with them. The health benefits and emotional gratification of a relationship with a pet dog create feelings of friendship, safety, overall well-being and self-confidence. The emotional therapy received by our dogs, through their affection without judgment, helps to relax and reduce tensions.

Impact on Physical Health

Studies have shown that owning pets improve the overall physical and emotional health of its owners. When a person plays and interacts with their dog, physical contact relieves and reduces stress levels in their body. It has been proven that people who own pets tend to live longer than those who do not. From your dog's point of view, the first greeting of the day and your return from work at home are just plain celebrations. Congratulations! Your pet works like a dog therapist and you get the emotional and physical benefits of stress reduction.

Having a dog, for example, helps you maintain a consistent daily exercise routine as you have to walk them once, twice or even three times a day. Your dog will help you do your best with a therapeutic exercise program mentally and physically. When you know that your furry companion depends on this routine, it’s difficult to break from such a healthy and beneficial habit.

Emotional benefits

There are so many emotional benefits human-pets relationships offers. If you have had a good day or a bad day, it gives you a feeling of intense joy when you go home, and your pet welcomes you with enthusiasm. You can immediately feel the emotional uplift just by looking in the eyes.

Some people tell their pets their secrets, even things they would never tell another human being. Your dog or cat will never judge you or spread gossip about you among your friends. They sit and listen to you because they want to. Pets give you a feeling of warmth and calmness when lying by your side or sitting on your lap. Research has shown that this type of physical interaction with your pet reduces the general symptoms of depression. Because pets are social and affectionate, they prevent us from being alone or bored.


Caring for a dog or cat gives the owner a sense of purpose. Responsibility helps people focus on their furry friends rather than on themselves. The main benefit may be the impact of an animal on the emotional needs of the owner. Pets provide companionship and friendship that can be hard to find in other humans. Our pets unconditionally love us, they are loyal, and they can bring comfort and happiness to our lives. Caring for a pet, like walking or playing with your dog, teaching tricks to your dog is very rewarding and often gives a person an unconditional love that they cannot get anywhere else.

Social benefits

Pets also help people interact with other people, such as neighbors, friends, dog parks and pet-friendly places. When a person is involved in their community and socially interacts with humans regularly, their quality of life is better.

A better understanding of the great connection you have with your pet will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and your motivations. As the human species grows and evolves, its relationships with itself and with other beings evolve as well. A deeper bond with our pets will be just what we need when we feel down. When interacting with your pet today, make sure you show them the love they deserve and enjoy every moment.