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Dogchies Cod Liver CBD Oil - 120mg


Dogchies Peanut Butter CBD Oil - 300mg


Dogchies CBD Extract Treats - 50mg



Catchies Catnip CBD Oil - 150mg


Catchies Cod Liver CBD Oil - 120mg


What Our Customers Say About Our Products

"I’ve been giving Kilo Monster this canine hemp oil from @dogchies for a few weeks now and I've really noticed how much it helps him with his achy joints. He seems to enjoy it and will happily walk himself over to me when he sees me grab the bottle."

Priscilla Vasquez, Hollywood, CA

"Just wanted to say the wife is so happy with how Rinske is doing that she just wants to thank you again in person for giving us our baby even if it is only temporary. Just knowing her quality of life is so much better on the dogchies we just can't thank you enough. Our dog that has cancer is still fighting the good fight and she is still on the RSO oil but I also added in your product and that really has helped her so much. She went from hardly wanting to move to wagging her tail and following me everywhere like she used to. Wanting to play again and just more like her self. So thank you so so much. Not sure if you will back in the neighborhood soon but if so would love to know so we can stop buy and say thank you in person and buy more product. Hope you are well. Thanks again."

Dwight Valentine, Orange County, CA

"I am legit impressed with the product, and after a couple years of trying different products, I think yours has helped the most. I have my 15 yr old arthritic dog who would always have a slight limp, even with CBD oil, but for the first time, and with Dogchies, that tiny limp disappeared!

Currently my younger 2 yr old dog has developed Elbow dysplasia. He has a limp and would be very stiff in the mornings. We were first given pain medication from the vet to keep him on until we had funds for the surgery, but the medication didn't do anything, plus I didn't want to give my dog something that could harm his stomach. So I started giving him Dogchies, and now in the mornings he isn't as stiff, and during the day his limp is so subtle you forget he has Elbow dysplasia!  I've been recommending it to friends with senior dogs, and to friends who's dogs have any sort of joint pain. Dogchies is truly fantastic, and we are just really pleased with the product. :) keep up the good work! You and your team are the bees knees!"

Dara, Dodger, and Mariner Anderson, Burbank, CA

"I recently started working on a 14-year old Golden Retriever named Misty. Last weekend was my first session with her and she wasn't doing too well. When I saw her this week it was such a difference (marked improvement)!

Not only did she respond well to the 50-min massage last week, but I sold the client a bottle of dogchies hemp oil and it has worked wonders! Anyway, the client's name is Dimitri and he is so impressed with dogchies canine hemp oil."

Gene Rukavina - Owner of Dancing Dog Massage

"My dog was experiencing really bad anxiety. After a couple doses with Dogchies, I see him much less anxious and less afraid of loud noises. Max is 4 years old and I'll buy anything that works and helps. Thank you Dogchies."

Tyler Zinte, Las Vegas, NV

"Purchased this product online and shipped within a couple of days. Gave my two huskies the right dosage directly in their mouth and they couldn't stop licking their face. Seems like they wanted more because of the cod liver. Im using this product for preventative care and to keep their coat thick and shiny. 5 stars."

Kevin Lyster

"I adopted a dog with severe anxiety when she's around other people. I gave Dogchies a try and saw a difference within the first week. Lucy (my adopted lab) is doing better with socializing. Definitely would recommend this product!"

Lisa Verdon

"My dog absolutely loves your CBD oil. He's a small pom and has lux patella and it's the only thing that gives him comfort. He even loves the flavor of it. Since he started it he's been able to run around and play easily. I also use use to use this for my older pomeranian who is no longer with me. He had a collapsed trachea and pulmonary fibrosis. It allowed hi to live his life with less pain and less narcotics. CBD oil has really helped with inflammation and pain in both my animals. It's very easy to give and the taste is great. I highly recommend this to anyone out there looking to help their animals. There are so many great benefits that come along with taking it."

Nicole Chan